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We can use the Eco Nephron system in the following areas

Transportation network like inland plying vessels launches, steamers and ocean going vessels
Industries such as Chemical, Pharmaceutical Tannery, Garments, Sugar, Cement Paper Cold storages etc.
Power Sector such as PDB, REB, DESCO, DESA, BARGE MOUNTANT POWER PLANT, WZPDSCL, Summit Power Plant etc.
Railways, Roads & High Ways ,  Vessels such as Car Buses (all kinds of vehicle).
Oil Refineries, Gas Exploration, Transportation & Distribution system, Textile Dying etc
Dry cell Batteries

Disposal of used lubricant & fuel oil are causing serious Environmental hazards. Sludge are discharged in to the Canals Lakes, Rivers & Seas, and Causing harm to the aquatic animals &fish population. The sludge are thrown in the Agricultural lands &damaging our agricultural production.

By applying Eco-Nephron System there will be very little residual sludge & so all most all Environment hazard, will be eliminated.
By using Eco-Nephron, 90% Lub oil can be salvaged and pollutant particulates, black smokes of brick field kilns and all kind of fumes and effluents exhaust gases including carbon dioxide content can be reduced to almost zero. By dialysis  0.001 micron size particulates can be filtered out. As a result engines remain active for longer period.

According to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) every year 18,000-22,000 Mt lub oil is imported from abroad while import quantities by private organization are much more higher .50% cars are damaged due to use of dirty lub oil ,lub oil from about 7lac vehicles and 70,00 inland vessels are discharging their used lub oil in the river &seas.

Eco-Nephron system is a kind of filter kit for engines which protect the fictional wear and tear and repeatedly clean the dirty lub oil .Oil thus enables to save at last 20% lub oil Consumption.

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