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The Nephron System

It is a dialysis system

Characteristics of Nephron

Nephron is a high powered dialysis system. The difference between human kidney and Nephron is that the human kidney purifies the blood and Nephron purifies the engine lubricating oil. Nephron System can purify dirt particles as small as 0.001 micron and thus keep the engine performance as good as a new one. The diameter of a human hair is 1 micron and Nephron System can purify a dirt particle which is one hundredth in size of a human hair.

Nephron’s utility

Nephron System can be used in a wide range of areas including machinery of factories, generators, automobiles, commercial transports, launches, steamers, ships, brick fields, dying machines, dry-cells, tannery industries, pharmaceutical industries, sugar mills, cement factory, fertilizer factory, oil and gas refinery and all such industries.   

Nephron’s functions

The functions of the Nephron System are multifarious. Its function is to maintain the efficiency of the machine as good as that in a new condition. The SUMIMOTO SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE offers guarantee on the performance of its system and welcomes any challenge.

Nephron Saves Money

The Nephron System is a dialysis system which can be used many times in the machine keeping its functions intact and therefore, it is cost effective. The Nephron System keeps the lube oil clean through dialysis in the same way as the kidney keeps everyday 1.3 liter of blood clean in a human body. So this technology is called the kidney system or dialysis system. The impurities in the blood are removed when it passes through the kidney and thus get cleaned and similarly the impurities in the lube oil are removed when it continuously passes through the Nephron System. In this process, the lube oil does not have to be changed. Only 10% percent of the original amount of the lube oil has to be added to supplement the shortfall in the system. Due to the use of the Nephron System, the engine works in its full efficiency and therefore, 20% of fuel can be saved by this system. By using the Nephron System, the wear and tear of the engine reduces and thus the maintenance cost can be reduced up to 80%. In this process, the engine gains twice of its lifetime than usual. Consequently the resale value of the engine remains at the maximum. So it is obvious that the Nephron System saves the cost.                 

Nephron Saves Time

Life is but the state of busy moments. Every moment of life is important. The Nephron System helps you to save time. How? The introduction of the Nephron System can avoid frequent overhaul of the engine. There is no need for repair or maintenance. Neither is there any trouble of changing the lube oil. So Nephron means” Saving of the precious busy moments “ 

Nephron is an environ friendly system

A huge amount of lube oil is used in the launches, steamers and ships plying in the rivers and seas. The used lube oil is being dropped into the rivers and seas everyday. As a result, the river and marine water as well as the environment are being polluted. So the reproduction of marine life is reducing and various aquatic life species are phasing out. On the other hand, the condition on the land is worse. Thousands of private, public and commercial transports travel all over the country everyday. Engine means lube oil which is also called the blood of engine. In the traditional system, the entire lube oil has to be thrown away after few days of use and it has to be replaced by a new one. The exhausted polluted lube oil reduces the fertility of the soil and causes enormous loss to the plants and animals. Many species of plants and animals have suffered extinction by this time due to environment pollution. Various types of  navigable transports, brickfields, dying, dry-cell, tannery, pharmaceutical, sugar mill, cement fertilizer, oil/gas refinery, the black smoke and lube oil coming out from launches, steamers and ships have been identified as the causes of environment pollution. Through the introduction of the Nephron System, the amount of carbon- dioxide, Sulfur dioxide .Hydro carbon, carbon monoxide and various acids can be reduced almost to zero and thus the whole environment can be saved from pollution. In Japan, pollution of environment is treated to be a punishable offence. So the Nephron System is being used there at all levels. The Tokyo Metropolis Governor is actively involved with the environment movement. He inspires the use of the Nephron System in the whole of Japan. The Japanese Government offers interest free loan to the Nephron users. The Government of Bangladesh can also maintain a pollution free environment by utilizing the Nephron System at all levels. “Nephron is an environment friendly technology saving fuel and money.”

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