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Bannichi Enterprise Ltd.(BEL)(www.bannichi.com), a joint venture with Sumimoto Scientific Institute of Japan is the exclusive authority to produce and market the Nephron system in Bangladesh.
The Sumimoto Scientific Institute (SSI) of Japan developed the completely new method of circulating and recycling lubricant fluid based on biotechnology. Marketed under the brand name of Nephron, SSI developed this oil filtering and dialysis system for lubricants essentially drawing from the knowledge of refining and recycling of blood in human body system. Nephron oil filtering and recycling system has revolutionized the use of lubricant. One of the special features of the Nephron system is that it has turned the highly polluting and very expensive conventional lubrication system into an environment-friendly highly cost-efficient process. Its environmental friendliness has earned Nephron the coveted ISO - 14001. Sumimoto Scientific Institute is also a member (www.sumimoto.co.jp) of CIMAC (www.cimac.com), the international body on combustion engine. The Nephron system is now used by commercial and public agencies across the world including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, USA and Germany.
This is a Computerized system which makes conducting oil changes effortless and efficient to use this system by installing a hose with a coupler attached at the end of the vehicle engine drain plug. Take the hose from the dialysis system and attach the two ends. After keying in required information,the vehicle will reccevie purified Oil approximately in 5 minutes.
The oil taken from the vehicle is replaced with purified oil from a supply in the tank of the dialysis system. At the same time, the original oil from the vehicle is purified as it circulates through the system.
As it moves through the centrifugal Sludge Separator and Magic Nephron filters the particles larger than 1 micron are removed.

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Nephron System

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Nephron System

Nephron System

Nephron System

Nephron System

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